Artistic Dreams

2020 Competition Rules

Preliminary Rounds

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Doors Open at 7:00AM
Guest Entry - \$10

Finals Rounds

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Doors Open at 9:00AM
Guest Entry - \$15

Deadlines/Entry Fees

\$200 Per Routine Registration

Sunrise - February 29, 2020 by 5:00PM (20% discount)

Early - March 31, 2020 by 5:00PM (10% discount)

Regular - May 10, 2020 by 5:00PM

Late - June 1, 2020 by 5:00PM (15% increase)

All participants and a max of three coaches will receive a competition lanyard upon check-in. Please arrive at least 60 minutes prior to your performance.

Rules and Regulations

Age Divisions


Grades PreK-5


Grades 6-8


Grades 9-12

Birth Certificates must be available if a concern is raised. Grade level takes precedence over age.

Production- All Ages and Levels The Production Level is for all ages and levels to compete together as one team if preferred. The Production Level is meant for each Company/School to use the Best of Their Best to put on a memorable Themed Performance showcasing their best skills within six Minutes!

Companies may enter more than one routine per Age Level as long as they are not in the same dance category.

Example: Predators Dance Company can enter three Beginner routines. One in lyrical, one in jazz and one in hip hop. Predators Dance Company can not enter three Beginner routines in Hip Hop.

Entry Level Rules

Read rules carefully to avoid point deductions or disqualification. If you have any questions, please contact us. Do not assume a skill is okay without asking.


If a dancer is registered as a Beginner Level participant, they can compete in the Beginner Level.

Dancer may participate again in the Intermediate Level as long as there is at least a 51% roster change.

The dancer may not compete in the Advanced Level at all.

Acrobatic Skill Limitations


Rolls (Front and Back), Cartwheels, Round-offs, Headstands, Basic Kip-ups

Not Allowed

Aerials, Walkovers (Front or Back), Handsprings (Front or Back), No Tucks (Front or Back) No skills should be executed with props in hand. Rolling or Headstand Kip-ups are not allowed. Airborne skills are not allowed.

Partner Skill Limitations


Waist level and below partner tricks are allowed. Connecting arms while jumping is allowed as long as all dancers are in control of their own weight. Shoulder sits are ok as long as prep and dismount are supported by a 3rd individual and flyer lands on their feet.

Not Allowed

Tricks may not go above shoulder level. No toss dismounts. Flyer must come down on his/her feet. No flipping partner tricks. Flyer at NO time should be inverted. A trick that cause the flyer to lay Horizontal/flat but then back up is allowed as he/she lands on their feet.

Technical Skill Limitations


Battements (kicks), Jete' Leaps (Split leap),Chaine Turns, Single standing Pirouettes, Leg Holds and barrel turns are ok.

Not Allowed

Second leaps (straddle leap), switch leaps, calypso turns, pique turns, turning toe touches double or more standing pirouette turns, leg turns., Jump back straddles and death drops are not allowed.


If a dancer is registered as an Intermediate Level participant, they can compete in the Intermediate Level.

Dancer may participate again in the Beginner and Advanced Levels as long as there is at least a 51% roster change.

Acrobatic Skill Limitations


All Beginner Level Skills are allowed along with: Handstands, Spiders, Tinsicas, Limbers (Front and Back), Walkovers (Front and Back), Single handsprings (front and back), headstand/rolling kip-ups, Roundoff- to a maximum of two walkovers or two back handspring.

Not Allowed

Consecutive handsprings (Standing or Running), tucks (front or back), completely airborne tricks that complete a full 360 rotation are not allowed (ex; Tucks, Layouts, twists).

Partner Skill Limitations


All Beginner Level skills are allowed along with: Shoulder level partner tricks are allowed as long as there is a back spot and there is contact with the flyer the entire time. Dismounts can pike cradle. Consecutive tricks are allowed as long as flyer touches the floor in between the tricks.

Not Allowed

Basket-type tosses, any toss that causes the flyer to cross over into another group, twisting dismounts in Consecutive tricks in which the flyer does not touch the ground in between is not allowed.

Technical Skill Limitations


All Beginner Level skills are allowed along with: Second Leaps, Backwards leaps, surprise leaps,calypso leaps, pique turns, double standing pirouettes, drops to knees, single leg turns

Not Allowed

Fuete' or Ala Second Turns, Turning Second Leaps, Switch Leaps of any kind, more than two standing pirouettes


If a dancer is registered as an Advanced Level participant, they can compete in the Advanced Level.

Dancer may participate again in the Intermediate Level as long as there is at least a 51% roster change.

The dancer may not compete in the Beginner Level at all.

Acrobatic Skill Limitations


All Beginner and Intermediate Level skills. Single twisting skills (full twist, back tuck, layout, x-out)

Not Allowed

More than one single twisting skill

Partner Skill Limitations


Single or double twisting tricks.

Not Allowed

Three high tricks. (A flyer may not stand or sit on top of a stunt that is already two levels high.)

More than two consecutive twisting skills. (A toss that involves more than two twists.)

Technical Skill Limitations



Not Allowed

No limitations.


Must have a theme. You must event at least three other routines to enter this category.

Performance Categories


Routine encompassing the use of balance, flexibility and control utilizing the lyrics and feeling of the music. If your routine encompasses ballet, praise and/or contemporary techniques, this should be your category.


Routine using primarily jazz technique.

Hip Hop

Routine using primarily hip-hop technique and moves. If youR routine encompasses majorette and/or crumping, this should be your category.

Time Limits


There is a time limit of 4:00 minutes for all group routines excluding Productions which are allowed 6:00 minutes.


You will have three mins for set-up and take-down of any props.

Music Submission Requirements

Music must not include any profanity or blatant reference to drugs or sex. Music must be turned in at least one hour prior to your performance time. Music must be on an iPod, iPhone, or USB with each level/routine on separate playlists and specifically titled. Each routine must already be edited. We will not skip to another song. Each device must be given to us in a ziploc bag with the studio name/owner written on the bag. If the device is given on a phone, make sure the lock screen is off, files are open and airplane mode is on.

Example Ziploc:

Predators Dance Company; Jane Doe Playlist Title: Elementary; Beginners Routine Name: Little Mamas

Judging Criteria

10% Costume/Appearance Presentation, Age Appropriateness and Creativity

20% Uniformity/Synchronization Accuracy and Musicality

20% Difficulty Level Level of Skills attempted

20% Staging/Visual Affects Formations, Tricks and Transitions

30% Execution and Technique Proper completion and enactment of skills

There will be a panel of five judges for the Preliminary Rounds

(Lowest and Highest Scores will be dropped)

There will be a panel of seven judges for the Finals Rounds

*Lowest and highest scores will be dropped.

Stage Criteria

No materials can be used that can damage the floor or make it dangerous for the next performers.

*Liquid, fire, paint, Gel, tiny glitter/confetti. If you have a concern about any material you are planning to use, please contact us via email.